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When is the Gala and how do you get an invite?

Osaruname Osayi-Osazuwa The event is to be announced and is open to everyone. Keep looking out for updates on this site. 1 week ago
Stephen Swanson has liked a Group 2 weeks ago

The CBIS Black-Tie Awards Gala will be open to everyone, including strategic partners, researchers,...
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Osaruname Osayi-Osazuwa Do you have an idea when the gala is? 2 weeks ago

“This is an incredible time for Cannabis Science and all our partners as we are embarking on new frontiers and...
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Osaruname Osayi-Osazuwa posted a new discussion2 weeks ago

CBD Oil for Autism

During the course of the past few weeks, I talk to the Community about not only the medical benefits of cannabis but also what CBIS has done and is...

Cannabis Science Pharmacies
Osaruname Osayi-Osazuwa posted a new discussion3 weeks ago

Cannabinoid treatment for Children

The link below discusses the link between THC being effective for children who suffer from Epilepsy....


Great read and movement in the industry…

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Osaruname Osayi-Osazuwa posted a new discussion1 month ago

New Mexico adds opioid addiction to its MMJ Program

As more states are legalizing the use of cannabis for medicinal reasons in hopes to eradicate deaths associated with opioid use, New Mexico added...

CBIS Fights to End Opioid Deaths Campaign

The Cannabis Science Global Consortium will link universities, foundations, corporations, and individuals to share research, ideas, and other... Show more

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Thomas kane shared Raymond C. Dabney's status 1 month ago

Exciting news everyone !! We have expanded into the Canadian market with the formation of Cannabis Science Canada, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary... Show more

Cannabis Science Propels Cancer Clinical Trials, Appoints Cellular Cancer Specialist Dr. Sulma Mohammed, Professor of Cancer Biology, Purdue... Show more

jodi carter posted a new discussion2 months ago

i'm not tryin to be a punk, but....

where's my pony???! seriously. i was lead to believe i would receive a loyalty bonus. some perk or prize for being constant.... ???? travel size...

CBIS Personal Loyalty Gift

GHC Summit at Harvard Medical School Announces Cannabis Science as Industry Partner.
full article here:

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