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Rick Reinhart posted a new discussionyesterday

Share exchange

Has anyone got the share exchange ? If so, how many have received it ? I am very curious since I haven`t received any emails. Will this take months,...

Investor Relations
Robert Meelheim replied to CBIS Stock ????? 2 weeks ago

Agreed, I'd like to see some real traction here. I have a large number of CBIS shares still doing nothing....

Michael Ford replied to CBIS Stock ????? 2 weeks ago

Sharon, I have The same questions. Back at the end of 2019 they said that the shares were supposed to be exchanged sometime by the first quarter of...

10/4/2021 Would someone update me on the status of our CBIS Loyalty Gift? I'm hoping it's completed in time for Christmas 2021? My broker Charles Schwab... Show more

Rick Garrett has liked Brian Donnellon's Profile 4 weeks ago

Cannabis Science Economic Development Program

Cannabis Science Economic Development Plan

Cannabis Science Share Structure Updates

CBIS Share Structure Updates

Cannabis Science Updates

CBIS Updates

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This is the "Price for Not reading" anything.

Good Morning Guys!
Hope Everyone is doing well out there!

We have really been having some Great calls...
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Tim Maddox still show in TD account? 2 days ago
Peter Coe When does our CBIS stock convert into ? Do we have an exact date or exact month this will happen? Thank you and what’s the conversion rate. Please... Show more 8 hours 6 minutes ago
Maureen Abston Peter
None of us have any idea what date, month or year transfer will happen
No information on conversion rate either.
5 hours 18 minutes ago



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