CBIS Personal Loyalty Gift

CBIS Personal Loyalty Gift

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  • As a Thank You to our Loyal Shareholders, President and Co-Founder Raymond C. Dabney has now Presented registered Shareholders of Record a Loyalty Gift.

    *** For each Common Share you own, you will exchange that share for 1.5 new shares of a New Class B Share. The OLD Common shares will be cancelled after this stage of our transition.

    (1,000 shares = 1,500 shares)

    There are a number of documents and procedures to complete this process so be patient as it will be very worth your while!

    The NEW shares are being designed now, your Broker and/or the Transfer Agent will be given instructions complete the transaction, so you need to do nothing right now. The transition should be completed in the First Quarter of 2020 and everyone will have their shares.

    Trading on an exchange is another process, there are a number of options available to the Company and we will go over those details in another communication including much more detail in the following topics:

    1. The new share structure and how it affects you.

    2. What is your shareholder gift and why?

    3. New share issuances, procedures, and timelines.

    4. Projected share values of each class of shares, projected trading status.

    5. Individual Cannabis Science Project files, cash flow projections, timelines.

    6. First Rights and Investments.

    7. Projected $25,000,000.00 USD IPO timeline and process.

    We are all expected to do very well!

    Cannabis Science will be holding the Inaugural Black-Tie Awards Gala in the near future -- most importantly -- an event to award and build support for the eradication of critical ailments and improved palliative care in mainstream and the CBIS-EDP for economically distressed demographics.

    The Awards Gala will also provide the Company with the opportunity to gather with leaders in the field of cannabinoid research to share information and ideas on critical ailments being addressed by our research, celebrating the industry and Company accomplishments, along with those who have been instrumental in the Company’s achievements.

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Bradford Patterson I'm proud to be a part of this company and our journey. Special Purpose Acquisition Company "SPAC" !!! This is Huge. 7 hours 39 minutes ago
Maureen Abston Yes!!!!
This is huge!!!
7 hours 18 minutes ago
Mike Chilcote Great move in acquiring this product. Looking for great things in our future 2 hours 57 minutes ago

FINAL Updated CSi – First Rights DATES !!!

*** March 31, 2021 is the Last Day for the CSi First Rights offering.

We need to begin the Cannabis...
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Mike Chilcote I agree with Maureens comments. I tried to keep up and answer people’s questions on the site but got tired of answering the same questions over and... Show more yesterday
Bradford Patterson Thanks Maureen, for what you are doing in (re-sharing) the information. And keeping some of us up to date. You're good at that. Peace and Blessings... Show more 14 hours 51 minutes ago
Mike Chilcote Wow looks like a great move in the acquisition of this new venture. Always forward Raymond. Good work 2 hours 59 minutes ago



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