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Osaruname Osayi-Osazuwa Discussion started by Osaruname Osayi-Osazuwa 2 months ago
       Pain an inflammation are one of the two traits associated with diabetes. As a patient who experienced inflammation, I was prescribed prednisone, an anti-inflammatory prescription. The doctor who prescribed this drug to me was aware of my diabetes and even told me that prednisone will elevate my blood glucose levels.

        Elevated blood glucose levels can be dangerous because it causes one to become disoriented, lose vision, and have an adverse effect to kidney function.  I was on prednisone for five days as prescribed and noticed that I had to increase my dose of insulin because my blood sugar was 200 points over normal. Furthermore, I gained weight being on the medication.

   Side effects of prednisone is the more reason I support the legalization of marijuana in the United States. When I used CBD oil, I did not see adverse effects. In fact, my sugars were more in control and reduced the pain I was feeling.
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Cannabis Science and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Sign a New Research Agreement to Investigate Proprietary Extract From Justicia Plant
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Osaruname Osayi-Osazuwa Great read! Without investigation and research one health practitioners who work on this project will not be able to determine the effectiveness of... Show more 4 hours 22 minutes ago



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