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Osaruname Osayi-Osazuwa Discussion started by Osaruname Osayi-Osazuwa 2 years ago
    Presentations at Summits are one of the many ways Cannabis Science participates in Health promotion and education both nationally and internationally. These two factors are important in Global Health because as one travels, each country and groups of people use a different approach to medicine and treatment of chronic disease. 
     Presentations help healthcare practitioners, researchers, and educators find alternatives to prescription medication which may have a potential for overdose. 
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Cannabis Science Economic Development Plan

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CBIS Share Structure Updates

Cannabis Science Updates

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Happy Memorial Day Everyone!
(1) CSi - Share Acquisition vs (2) CSi-FR Investment

Once again, we are all on Pins and Needles waiting on these last...
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George Hogan David: my shares are with Schwab, and everything still says CBIS with a value of $0.00. 15 hours 50 minutes ago
david stone Yes, that is what it should say. When ENDO is finally starting to trade, the Transfer Agent will deal directly with Schwab to re-register the... Show more 7 hours 48 minutes ago
david stone justin schilberg : I think you have to sign over the paper cert to the transfer agent or your broker. Not sure which. Then the T A does the rest... Show more 6 hours 21 minutes ago
William Mercer posted a new discussion7 hours 31 minutes ago

What will the new stock symbol be?

I have stepped away from this for a few months, so I apologize if it has already be answered" what will the new stock symbol be for my CBIS shares...

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