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Dan Lowrance Discussion started by Dan Lowrance 2 months ago
I bought some ENDO a few months ago when I learned about it on this site. The price was north of $0.03. The past 40 days of trading has been a steep selloff. I have been buying more on significantly down days to dollar-cost average my investment. Needless to say, I own a substantial amount now as it was down to a penny today. I'm trying to stay positive, but it's hard when there's literally no news. I'm sure I am not alone.

We need some good news. Can you please publish a scientific paper on the technology, or please file some patents or create some positive press to get trading action going in the right direction? Not on Accesswire, but somewhere with substantial financial weight and visibility, please.
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This is the "Price for Not reading" anything.

Good Morning Guys!
Hope Everyone is doing well out there!

We have really been having some Great calls...
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Tim Maddox still show in TD account? 2 days ago
Peter Coe When does our CBIS stock convert into ? Do we have an exact date or exact month this will happen? Thank you and what’s the conversion rate. Please... Show more 6 hours 52 minutes ago
Maureen Abston Peter
None of us have any idea what date, month or year transfer will happen
No information on conversion rate either.
4 hours 4 minutes ago



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