David Smoker Discussion started by David Smoker 9 months ago
hey friends!!!! i tell ya what. i dont stop on here often but when i do theres always one person trying to bring the group down....its investing, you could win, you could lose. im gonna tell ya what though, if you were to do you homework and research the industries getting wrapped into this you may change your tune! Thermic Science is doing some next level things! To the MOOOOON!!!!!!! Rome wasnt built in a day!!!! Be patient, be kind and hold on tight!!! well, i more than anything i just wanted to drop some good vibes. its been a tough 18 months for a lot of folks. theres a lot worst places to be than worrying about how an investment does or doesnt pay off. i hope you all are well!
Bradford Patterson
Bradford Patterson I appreciate the good vibes. Thanks for the awesome to the -Moon Alice - insight. 9 months ago
Douglas J McGuire
Douglas J McGuire Thanks David, you're absolutely right... Patience! 9 months ago
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