Cannabis Science Update #8

First off, I would like to thank all our loyal shareholders and all the members of the community who have been there with us showing their loyalty and working together sharing information. That’s what this website is about creating a community for people to get together and share information!

Unfortunately it seems there are plenty of negative people who might be “confused or not understand” what’s going on. This might be because some people choose not to read or understand basic concepts of business ups and downs and communications. Unfortunately in these cases we are forced to repeat the same answers to the same questions over and over.

*** To these people I would recommend that they do nothing until you receive official instructions from the company.

As soon as I heard reports of shares NOT being in your own brokerage accounts, I have recommended to immediately get “your shares” transferred out of your brokerage accounts and into “an account at the transfer agent in your own name”. Of course, this is shareholder protection mode.

At this time, it is still recommended, but if you are having trouble with it due to your broker please have patience and wait until you and your brokerage firm receive direct official instructions from the company and/or transfer agent via company communications.

*** And then there are those who are just plain posting out of hate and anger, unfortunately it seems they only want to sidetrack and stop our progress forward. If you’re here to be negative and just create drama please leave, we don’t need you getting in our path of success.

If you’re genuinely confused, please don’t be negative and have some patience as we ARE on our path to success and want you along for the ride with us.

Again, I am certainly waiting until "WE ARE READY" to put out an official announcement for the next company steps. You will receive instructions on how to proceed with your shares in the form of a press release and/or an official shareholder of record notification.


Talk soon.

Thanks Again,

Cannabis Science Update #6

I was trying to wait to put out an official announcement. Coming soon.
However, I guess I must say a few things right quick that might help clear the air.
Maybe everyone will understand we are moving forward in great strides. Some you see, some you do not. Step by Step is our Success.

First off, I want to wish everyone a BIG Thank-you!
Thank-you to everyone on the Team!
No matter what, we know why we are here!

We are going through this step by step, unchartered territory, here we go again!
That means we will be making more History, we are here.
Your shares are with Cannabis Science Inc., not any other company.

1. Don’t Panic. Some people are posting just to create fear in you. Don’t sucker for it.

2. Say what you mean, mean what you say. Step by step means step by step, not every day. When something comes up special events, news, further instructions or something else, you will know asap or step by step.

3. There is no company name change or company structure changes during this transition, there does however, seem to be a number of people/companies who want/are trying to steal our name, our shareholders, and/or steal our Cannabis Science CBIS THUNDER.

4. Your shares will remain intact through the whole transition to private company. Your Brokerage firm will SOON have clear instructions on what to do if they are confused.

5. Our first step is to get your shares, in your name, in your hands, or in the transfer agent hands in your name, for the official shareholder of record count, it is coming soon.

6. Your shares are legally accounted for through the transfer agent, with your name on them. We are preparing you for this right now.

7. There are many reasons to put your shares in Your name right now. They are all good for You, by getting started now, we are getting you ready to enjoy our Success.

8. We have many options and have announced no actions on any of them yet. Right now, we are finishing the going private steps from the SEC announcement. After that we will announce the next steps shortly and clearly and the many different pathways grown for our success, you will be ready!

9. Only the facts please, if there are no facts please do NOT mislead people by just making some noise with something made up or exasperated, inaccurate, misleading fact statements. If there are no updates everything is moving in the background, and there is nothing to update at the moment. Do not Panic. The next step has not occurred yet.

10. If you do not believe us, or in us, including what we have done, and what we are doing, then this place is not for you, you should leave now, you are NOT helping anything or anyone including yourself.

11. Cannabis Science Inc., as a private company will have different valuation models for a private company as compared to a public company. The last “stock market” trade price has NOTHING to do with the actual value of your shares today, just to make sure we are all clear about this point.

12. If a brokerage firm is NOT showing your shares in your account “anymore” is even more concerning and a bigger reason to get them into your hands immediately with your name on them or “in an account with the transfer agent with your name on them”.

13. We are all going for this SUCCESS ride, don’t jump off it’s moving fast; I think the value of your shares have already gone up in value since this transition started.

14. Once we get past these transition steps our time will be much better spent moving our projects forward instead of all this, for sure.

Talk soon.


Cannabis Science Update #5

Just received notification from the SEC. Today is certainly the day.

Trading has certainly stopped, we are now going to the transfer agent and lawyers for process clarity to date stamp shareholders of record.

We will also re-open the shareholder portal for everyone to input your data, however, we will have a step by step guideline released once we have the procedures confirmed.

This is it, now is the time for us to really Fly!

Talk soon.


Cannabis Science Update #4

Again, we will be using this iCannabinoid platform to update everyone step by step with our progress.

It looks like we will need to activate the iCannabinoid Ambassador Program faster than we wanted just to handle the demand for real, good, timely information on all our initiatives. Maybe next week we can start that process, if you have already signed up we will be contacting each and everyone, if you have not signed up yet please do so asap! It pretty much covers all industry sectors and services, it's a pretty robust initiative.

Thank you for your Support!

Yes. The news release states "all our shares will remain intact" (remain the same) as we transition into a private company. It does not matter what price the shares trade at right now or during the transition, perhaps a buying opportunity or perhaps not, you be the judge! Maybe someone wants to give them away for free (0). I will take them all. Sometimes we don't get all the inside information we want, that's usually because "when it's real" it has not happened yet, however all the signs are usually there. We just need to use our common sense and make a decision.

You are correct, there are many opportunities for us, IPO or even RTO scenarios and plenty of expanded operations CBIS-EDP opportunities that have been made available to us. We are looking at many through financings and public company licensing deals and partnerships. Some do work out and advance us forward and others do not. We will continue building operations and strength while we proceed with the IPO master plan at the same time.

"We are designing some sort of timeline tracking system that updates so the questions can be answered in one spot and everyone can have instant access to the real time information tracking our drug development progress and how to purchase new product releases, our CBIS-EDP operations, financings, acquisitions, partnerships and trading status. Will take a minute, but we get the job done."

Talk soon.

Thanks, Raymond

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